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16 Million SHU Capsaicin Powder


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16 Million SHU Capsaicin Powder: A 1.8 ml vial of pure powdered crystal. You can't get anything hotter than this. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this near impossible to get product at a reasonable price. The Crystal is spirit soluble only, so needs to be liquefied in a spirit like vodka, whiskey gin and so on. I must point out that we only sell this product as a collectors item and should not be opened and consumed. The Purchaser is at least 18 years of age or of legal age in your location to legally enter into a binding agreement.

Product Disclaimer and Liability Release

THIS IS A COLLECTORS ITEM, IT IS NOT TO BE INGESTED IN ANY FORM. It is illegal to add it to any food or to be sold as an ingredient within The EU.

Good day my chile padawanz!! I have noticed that lately Hot Juan has been posting up his “Xmas gifts for chileheadz” bit every other day…well heres a cracker for you 16 Million SHU pure crystal capsaicin extract! Now, this particular gift should probably top the list tbh, as in February next year this stuff becomes ILLEGAL to sell/import/export in its purest (crystal) form in the UK! So now is the time to grab the ULTIMATE gift for your favourite chilehead, and you can grab it from none other than Ged Fowler over at at a bonanza price of only 10 for a vial of the stuff.

Below is a video of me trying this stuff dissolved in vodka (as that's the only way to get the heat out of it) so in theory there’s enough crystal in the vodka (one vial!!) to make it stupidly out of this world HOT!! For your viewing pleasure:

So there you have it! The hottest product on planet earth, there is literally nothing hotter, and while i would recommend doing what i did, it certainly make s a unique gift for the Chile head who has everything, so to speak! Please please PLEASE DO NOT try this at home, I used gloves, I make myself sick on purpose to get this out of my system, I wouldn't have let this pass through me as its way to dangerous, hence why its being banned as from February 2011, so grab a vial of this NOW for only 10 over at

Until next we meet my padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!


Flavour (0/10)
(literally flavourless, the vodka was the only thing I could taste!)
Heat (12/10) rated at 666/10
Packaging (8/10)
Value (10/10)
Overall (10/10)

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Chilli Seeds Chilli Gifts   Chilli Pods and Powders Chilli Sauces/Chutneys Chilli Chocolates Chilli Health
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