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Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chillies) Chilli Seeds

Hottest Chilli In The World And It's Not The Dorset Naga


Bhut Jolokia, Ghost ChilliesBhut Jolokia Chilli

Bhut Jolokia, the smallest amount of Bhut Jolokia can flavour a sauce so intensely it’s barely edible. Taking a small bite will cause watering eyes and a runny nose.

The world’s hottest chilli is the Bhut Jolokia also known as Bih Jolokia (ghost Chilli) originating in Assam in North East India. It is the records holder with an official Scoville heat rating (SHU) of 1,001,304 SHU twice that of the previous record holder, the Red Savina.

A SHU stands for Scoville Heat Unit and is the amount of water needed before the chilli heat is undetectable. One drop of the Bhut Jolokia extract needs a million drops of water.

The Bhut Jolokia chilli has been highly treasured in Assam for centuries but was unknown in the West. Seven years ago a scientist, R.K.R Singh, working at the Indian government’s Defence Research Laboratory in Tezpur in Assam, decided to look at this locally prized chilli and sent samples of the Bhut Jolokia for analysis. The amazing results were submitted to a scientific journal and aroused the interest of The Chile Pepper Institute (CPI) at New Mexico State University.

Very shortly after, in 2001, the Institute received seed of the Bhut Jolokia from a member who had collected it while visiting India. Dr Paul Bosland of the CPI grew the Bhut Jolokia from seed in the desert climate of Southern New Mexico and confirmed its incredible heat, culminating in the Record Award for the hottest chilli in the world. The analysis revealed that it possessed an extremely high heat level indeed, a whopping 1,001,304 Scoville Heat Units.

Further corroboration of the heat level came from Frontal Agritech in Assam who had their locally grown Bhut Jolokia chillies HPLC-tested and reported a value of 1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units, giving two independent results for Bhut Jolokia with no significant variation between them.

The sole exporter of the Bhut Jolokia from Assam is Frontal Agritech. In Assam this deadly hot chilli is treated with immense respect. At Frontal Agritech, employees wear goggles, face masks, head covers and protective clothing to deal with the chillies. Ananta Saikia, the owner of Frontal Agritech Ltd has been quoted as saying that one chilli can last his family for a week.

The raw chilli has a strong but pleasant fresh vegetable smell. Cooked in a curry it imparts perfume-like sweetness to all the other ingredients in addition to a fiery heat. Dried, the chilli changes character again with a further intensification of taste and aroma.

We offer Bhut Jolokia seeds direct from The Chile Pepper Institute and are proud to of been the first and still the best supplier of Bhut Jolokia and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia seeds direct from Frontal Agritech, who are in turn the only exporter from Assam.

This is truly a unique chilli and seeds are scarce, and seeds with proven provenance are even scarcer still. Our seeds come from certificated and heat tested stock.

Bhut Jolokia : Read The Chile Pepper Institute Report


Orange Habanero (Capsicum Chinense)

The HPLC analysis revealed that Orange Habanero had a mean (average) heat level of 357,729 Scoville Heat Units. That's quite a bit, but according to Dr. Bosland, this is in the range normally seen for this cultivar in Las Cruces, NM. (I once tasted Jalapeno peppers right from a field close to Las Cruces, and even those "ordinary" chilli peppers were surprisingly hot.)
£1.75 for 15 seeds


Red Savina (Capsicum Chinense)

A different kind of surprise was the test result for Red Savina - it scored a rather low heat level of just 248,556 SHU. This means the SHU value for 'Bhut Jolokia' was four times higher than 'Red Savina'.(Capsicum Chinense)

10 Red Savina Seeds £3.50


The Chile Pepper Institute (CPI) Bhut Jolokia

Now for Bhut Jolokia -- the analysis revealed that it possessed an extremely high heat level indeed, a whopping 1,001,304 Scoville Heat Units.
These seeds can be tricky to germinate and do benefit from the germination solution and a germination temperature of between 80°F and 89°F. The flowers also benefit from hand pollination with a paint brush. (Capsicum Chinense)

£3.50 for 10 seeds


DNA tests have now shown that the Bih Jolokia from Assam is genetically different to the Bhut Jolokia

Assam Bih Jolokia

Now for Bih Jolokia -- the analysis revealed that it possessed an extremely high heat level indeed, a whopping 1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units.
These seeds can be tricky to germinate and do benefit from the germination solution and a germination temperature of between 80°F and 89°F. The flowers also benefit from hand pollination with a paint brush.(Capsicum Chinense)

£3.50 for 10 seeds


Naga Morich

This strain of Naga Morich is straight from the hills surrounding Nagaland where Gordon Ramsey visited a village of one of the famous Naga Warrior Tribes in his latest show. The Naga Morich 'snake or serpent chilli' is one of the world's most respected hot chilli peppers.  The Nagaland government has finally won the patent rights for the Naga King Chilli and also registered as the proprietor of the chilli with the Government of India, according to the Geographical Indication Registry recently.

** We only know of 2 companies that stock the original seeds of Naga King Chilli direct from Nagaland.**

10 seeds of The Naga King Chilli - Naga Morich Seeds £3.50

5 seeds of The Naga King Chilli - Naga Morich Seeds £2.50


Indian PC-1 not naga jolokia chilliIndian PC-1

Chilli Heat Level ???
This striking and very useful chilli from Assam an area in India close to the famous city of Tezpur, renowned for bringing us some of the hottest varieties around. 21/2" chillies, The chilli has a cited heat level of 855,000 SHU but it is very doubtful it holds this much heat!!!!  Probably it would be closer to 100,000 if that. Lots of seed suppliers call it Naga Jolokia by mistake.  According to our informed local experts, the chilli tested with a heat level of 855,000 SHU was actually the Bhut Jolokia which in some parts of India is called Naga Jolokia, Naga being an area and Jolokia meaning Pepper or chilli.  This was the chilli tested with a recorded heat level of 855,000 SHU.  Indian PC-1 is a Capsicum annuum. As you can see from the photographs, the Indian PC-1 chilli (AKA the Naga Jolokia) actually bears no resemblance to the Capsicum Chinense family to which all the hottest varieties belong. This is no reason not to grow it but please do not mistake it for the similarly named but much hotter Bhut/Bih Jolokia. (Capsicum annuum)

£3 for 10 seeds

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Chilli seeds can be hard to germinate at the best of times, our germination solution is available to help you get the best from germinating your seeds.
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