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Dragon's Breath Chilli 2.48 Million SHU

Dragons Breath Sauce 140ml, made with the hottest chilli in the world "Dragon's Breath"

This was the first chilli sauce we ever made way back in 1996. Still one of our best selling chilli sauce ever. The sauce is based on a Caribbean style hot sauce we built in lots of flavour as well as extreme heat. Once you get past the first 5 seconds of Basil, Turmeric, Thyme, Mustard, Nutmeg and Mango your mouth explodes with an extreme Scotch Bonnet heat that pounds your tongue. This is the genuine hot sauce you have been waiting for.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Fresh Scotch Bonnet, Vinegar, Onions,  Mango, Apple, Lemon Juice, Mustard, Garlic, Thyme, Basil,  Turmeric

this review is not the new sauce with Dragon's Breath Chilli : Dragon’s Breath Review For 


Tony Ainsworth


Dragon's Breath

Its a Wednesday evening, i’ve just finished work only to get home and realise that i’ve been a little slack and must do a sauce review, then of course the difficulty comes in choosing what sauce to review, a quick look through past reviews and future bottles in front of me leads me to notice that I have’nt covered a sauce from the “Chilli Pepper Company” for a while, so here it is! Ged at the Chilli Pepper Company is a mad northerner who delights in two things:

  1. Making very tasty homemade sauces using the freshest ingredients for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Attempting to kill me by way of the hottest sauces he can muster up.

Thankfully this is one of the former for a change, but don’t be fooled its not all fluffy pillows and candy floss, not in my world baby!!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Fresh Scotch Bonnet, Vinegar, Onions,  Mango, Apple, Lemon Juice, Mustard, Garlic, Thyme, Basil,  Turmeric

(Review bottle kindly supplied by Ged over at

“Dragon’s Breath” is a sauce that on first picking up I honestly did’nt think would be that hot, even though Jolokia’s are on the list of ingredients there were plenty of other ingredients that I was sure would bring the heat down a couple of notches, perhaps even till it was barely noticeable.. I was wrong.

The bottle is one of the usual 140ml glass bottles that most of CPC’s sauces come in, this one is adorned with another of their high quality glossy labels, with the name of the sauce, the website and a blue dragon breathing fire on the front. It calls itself a “Deadly Hot Caribbean Chilli Sauce” but I was’nt put off by this as alot of “Caribbean” sauces claim to be “really hot” but they are’nt! The sauce inside is quite a bright yellow with colourful flecks of black, red, green and white moving about as i gave the bottle a good shake.

I popped the cap and took a big sniff of the contents, straight off I could smell vinegar, apricots, garlic and mustard.. which is good as those are on the ingredients list LOL! I grabbed my tasting spoon, looked at the bottle for a minute then chuckled and lifted the bottle to my lips taking a hearty swig of the stuff within… I soon learned this to be a HEINOUS oversight on my part and I was about to be taught a valuable lesson.

Usually i would’nt judge a sauce without tasting it, but i saw this one as one of Ged’s milder sauces so I was’nt worried, i knew it would taste damn good, but the heat would’nt be so bad, as expected the flavours that hit me instantly were apricot and garlic, with a bit of apple, a smatter of mustard and a hint of jolokia to keep even the most fussy “Flavour snobs” happy…then the heat kicked in, I was’nt expecting this so of course I lunged for my milk and after taking a large mouthful realised that this sauce gets it heat from the jolokia, so I should have known better! It provides a strong burning sensation on the tongue, that transforms into an intense wave of heat that moves to the back of your throat and stays there for a little while!

Not a sauce to be laughed at, this one provides enough heat to keep hardcore chillinutterz happy, but the flavour is definitely a caribbean one and certainly tastes better than alot of supposed “caribbean” sauces that primarily use scotch bonnets, this sauce dares to be a little different with it use of fiery jolokia pepper blended brilliantly with different fruits to create a very fruity sauce. You’ll find no extract here as the burn is provided naturally by the Jolokias!!

You can buy a bottle right now over at for the low price of £4, and at that price i honestly have nothing more to say except but it, and I promise you won’t regret it!!