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Naga Viper Chilli

Super Hot Chilli Test- The Dried 'Naga Viper' 1,382,118 SHU’s

HomeGrownUkChili You Tube Review Watch Below 14 November 2010 Thanks to Leo and Paul

Again measuring in at 1,382,118 SHU’s

So, following the fresh Naga Viper review we had to do the dried ones that were sent with them... After receiving them around 2 or 3 weeks ago I've had them sitting in the fridge which seemed to had dried them out that much more.... Thanks to Matt for these!! Grown himself and at such high quality too!! Nice work dude.

So, how hot were these?

Just as in my last video, these are very hot indeed... Hitting the hottest in the world so far (but not officially, but had been measured for SHU rating)
The burn hits all of the mouth with the same sting that the Trinidad gives, but then it moves to the throat with a distinctive Naga burn... After 10 mins, the burn moves to the gums and starts to go at the lips.... 15/20 mins later and the burn was gone, but as I write this now (5 hours later) I have slight cramps in my stomach lol.... Ah well, comes with the job haha.....

Ok, so what about the taste?

Firstly I have to mention the texture, was amazing and different to any chilli I've tried before... Just like a potato crisp, but the flavour... mmm, smokey as a deep but subtle Naga hint... Beautiful for any Wing sauces or Marinades, crushed up into chili powder... limits are endless if you like it hot

Thanks again to Matt! Top man, fantastic chilies and grown to the highest quality!

Cheers to Paul for joining me again, sorry to drag you away from moving house and decorating for a couple of hours dude... lol.. Again, good stuff man

Cheers everyone and hope you enjoy.



By Darth Naga, October 27, 2010 9:32 am The Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Viper

Okay… how the hell do I introduce a video like this?? Hmmmm…I KNOW! Let me start by saying that this is by far the stupidest thing I have EVER done on video.. I mean this, this hurts LOADS!

The story behind this video goes a little something like this: Gerald Fowler of “The Chilli Pepper Company” grew some Naga cross Trinidad hybrid chilli’s, he then sent a batch off to Warwick University to get tested, they turned out to be the HOTTEST CHILLI IN THE WORLD at 1,340,969 SHU… I tasted a sauce made from these chilli’s at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta but had no idea at the time that these were the worlds hottest (neither did anyone else for that matter!) fast forward a couple of months and the news is revealed about the Warwick University test and what they discovered!

Now, I spoke to Ged and he sent me a few of the Naga Viper pods, asking me to do a taste test on video, so I obliged…rather stupidly. He also stipulated that the taste test be one green Naga viper, followed by a red Naga viper… again like a fookin numpty I obliged….

I wish I had never done this, I suffered all day Tuesday due to these chilli’s and it wasn't much fun! That said the flavour of the pod itself is amazing, it has both a fruity and savoury taste to me, similar to the Naga but not quite the same, the heat is something else entirely, hell if you don’t believe me watch the video!!

I’ve just noticed from watching this review back, that I say “insane” a hell of a lot, note to self, must STOP saying that so much!! anyway…

So there you have it, the day after this video was taken my tongue packed its bags and my arse handed in its notice, the heat affected me so badly that I haven't had anything hot to eat since, for fear of repercussion!! A huge well done to Ged for growing the current worlds hottest chilli and I hope we see some more sauces utilising this unique fruit soon!

The Terminator sauce is available over at for a paltry 6 I mentioned this sauce a few times as its the only sauce at the moment that contains the Naga Viper chilli, so grab a bottle while you can and may the sauce be with you chilefanz!

P.S. Please can people comment on the YouTube video as to whether they like the new or old style intro & outro, this is your chance to have your say, depending on what people think depends on whether I keep the new style or go back to the old :)


Naga Viper Chilli Seeds

Chilli News

Naga Viper soon the crowned the hottest chilli in the world

Matt Deakin a member of the well known Chilli Forum at sent Leo a couple of pods from his hydro grown Naga Viper to review on You Tube. It's a fantastic review they handled the heat really well.

Our new Chilli has just broken all records for heat, at 1,340,969 SHU’s (Scoville Heat Units). The new record holder is called  Naga Viper.  Seeds will be on sale very soon.

By Matt Deakin Chilli Galores Forum Member  Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:24 pm

Here we go, Dave L (Clifton Chilli Club) Vs Naga Viper. Shortly after filming, Dave unfortunately had to run to the gents and empty out the Viper from his guts (sorry Dave). It seems that the Viper is a tough one to keep down! Valiant effort, I wouldn't of done that! He then went on to eat half a 7pot and a third of a Fatalli despite being Ill. It's amazing what a bit of cider can do!

Naga Viper!! Dave takes on this mad chilli pepper! This chinense family member is a serious contender for the worlds hottest chilli! One has been tested at 1.3 million scoville units


A SHU stands for Scoville Heat Unit and is the amount of water needed before the chilli heat is undetectable. One drop of the Bhut Jolokia extract needs a million drops of water.

Naga Viper Vs Binbagz

 Naga Viper

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