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Heat Up Their Christmas This Year!

Posted by Hot Chilli Sauces (chilli) on Dec 09 2017
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Do you have any chile heads on your Christmas list this year? You know the ones, they live for the heat, they can’t get their hot sauce, hot enough, and they aren’t happy unless their mouth is on fire and there is sweat dripping from their brow. If you know anyone like this, you know that they are more difficult to shop for than most. This is mainly due to their refined tastes and their passion for turning up the heat.

     Well this holiday season, turn it up for them with a gift from The Chilli Pepper Company. With everything from Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, Carolina Reapers and Naga Vipers, to Morich, Bhut Jolokia and 7 Pod/7 Pot chile peppers in stock and ready to ship, The Chilli Pepper Company is your source for holiday heat.

A Better Christmas Gift

     Most Christmas gifts are boring sweaters, ties that are themed for the holidays, or the old stand-by, spirits. While those are nice, they aren’t what true connoisseurs of spice truly want. They want to turn up the Scoville units and leave burns on the tongues so red they match Santa’s sleigh. Chile aficionados are easy to shop for now with The Chilli Pepper Company. With a wide selection of seeds, powders, sauces and jams, you can find something for everyone on your list, including yourself. Know someone who doesn’t like it hot? Get them the gift of heat anyway. Chances are, they just might like it!

     In all seriousness though, Christmas is a time for giving and a time for sharing and The Chilli Pepper Company has been doing just that since we began growing our chilli peppers back in 1994. We are thankful for our families and our friends and for the customers we have been proud to supply with the UK’s hottest peppers possible. Try our chilli pepper products today and find your own heat. Challenge yourself to go hotter and try something new as you browse our selection of pepper products.

Happy Holidays

     When you choose The Chilli Pepper Company, you know you will get quality products and friendly service with every order. Merry Christmas from The Chilli Pepper Company!

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