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1.5 million SHU extract

1.5 million Scoville Heat Units 15ml

Heat Rating 10

Code: SAU023


1,500,000 Scoville Heat Units

600 Times Hotter Than Tabasco sauce Extremely Hot Habanero Oil 1,500,000+ Scoville Units 15ml pump action bottle 600 Times Hotter Than Tabasco chilli sauce. A pure natural extract. Hot chilli extract must only be used diluted. Remember to keep it out of reach of children. This is NOT a sauce or condiment it is only to be used to add heat to food when cooking, it is 600 times hotter than Tabasco Hot Pepper sauce!  Information to read before a purchase Scoville Units About chilli Heat Read Product Disclaimer and Liability Release
Ingredients: 1.5 Million SHU Natural Chilli Extract 15ml

Chilli Extract: Is a Natural Product

  • Food Industry: Foods coloured and spiced with chilli oleoresin include cheese, orange juice, spice mixtures, sauces, sweets and emulsified processed meats. In poultry feed, it is used to deepen the colour of egg yolks. Many chilli sauces including a famous household name use chilli oleoresin in their hot sauces.
  • Pharmacological: Chilli oleoresin possesses anti-oxidant, analgesia, anticancer & anti-inflammation features.It radically reduce free radicals in our body.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Chilli oleoresin compounds are used extensively in pharmaceuticals industry. Capsaicinoids are quite effective as analgesia, anticancer, anti-inflammation, antioxidant and anti-obesity. Capsaicinoids may have potential application in pain relief, cancer prevention and weight loss. In addition, capsaicinoids also display the benefits on cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system.

Product Disclaimer and Liability Release
I hereby agree and affirm that in exchange for the purchase of any Products including Hot Sauces, Oils and Powders from The Chilli Pepper Company, its affiliates, its employees, its suppliers, distributors or manufacturers, that certain conditions and promises are required: They are as follows:

1. Due to the extremely hot nature of some of these products, I agree that they shall only be used as a food additive. These products can cause serious injury if directly consumed, ingested and/or applied to the skin, eyes, or any other bodily organs.
2. Any of these products are to be used at my own risk, and I fully understand the potential DANGER if handled improperly.
3. If I give this product as a gift, I will make the recipient fully aware of the potential danger if handled improperly, or directly consumed.
4. I hereby release, disclaim, and relinquish The Chilli Pepper Company, its affiliates, its employees, its suppliers, distributors and/or manufacturers of any and all claims, actions and/or lawsuits that I, or any of my dependents, heirs or family members may have relating to any damage and/or injury that results, or is alleged to have resulted, from the use, consumption, ingestion, and/or contact of any bodily part or organ of or from any of these products.
5. I am not inebriated or impaired in any way, and I am fully able to make a sound decision about the use of my purchases from The Chilli Pepper Company.

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