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5 Dragon's Breath Chilli Pods

Heat Rating 10

Code: hot10


Dragon's Breath Dried Chilli Pods

Dragon's Breath Chilli, this seasons fresh pods slowly dried to retain the full heat and flavour, only while stocks last.

The Dragon’s Breath pepper, developed by Nottinghamshire-based Chillibobs, hits 2.48m Scovilles (SHU) on the chilli scale.  Neal From Chilli Bobs said: “As soon as we tried Dragon’s Breath we knew it was hot!  I wasn’t particularly going for the heat, I was just having a play around to see what I could do but once we tried the pods we realised how hot they were. We sent them off for testing at Nottingham Trent (University) and when the readings came back we were amazed. It was just stupidly hot to taste, the heat lasted for quite a while. There’s quite a fruitiness to start with but then there’s just a heavy hit of heat.” Chilli Bobs are waiting on the Guinness Book of Records to test the chilli and confirm its place at the top of the charts.


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