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Bhut Jolokia Chilli Flakes

Heat Rating 8

Code: SPI004


Bhut Jolokia Flakes, A Hot Grind Everytime

We've put some of the famous Ghost Chilli in one of our handy grinders ready for you to turn the heat up on any meal, anytime devil

Bhut Jolokia Flakes are dried in our dyhydrators to produce a superior product to the normal imported flakes.

In Assam this deadly hot chilli is treated with immense respect. We wear goggles, face masks, head covers and protective clothing to deal with the Bhut Jolokia chillies. The raw chilli has a strong but pleasant fresh vegetable smell. Cooked in a curry it imparts perfume-like sweetness to all the other ingredients in addition to a fiery heat. Dried, the chilli changes character again with a further intensification of taste and aroma. 
It takes nearly 1/2 LB of fresh Bhut Jolokia to make 22g of our dried flakes


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