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Bhut Jolokia White Chilli Seeds

Heat Rating 7

Code: SEEDS14


Bhut Jolokia White Chilli Seeds

One of the world’s hottest chilli is the Bhut Jolokia also known as Bih Jolokia (ghost Chilli) originating in Assam in North East India. It is the records holder with an official Scoville heat rating (SHU) of 1,001,304 SHU twice that of the previous record holder, the Red Savina.A natural white variant of the regular Bhut Jolokia. This chilli pepper matures from light green to white. A unique Bhut Jolokia! 

Its is said that, the smallest amount of Bhut Jolokia can flavour a sauce so intensely it’s barely edible. Taking a small bite will cause watering eyes and a runny nose .(Capsicum chinense)



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