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Germination Powder For Chilli Seeds

Code: SEEDS21


Germination Powder

Our germination powder makes up 3 litres of solution

Customer Judith says "I found it brilliant at getting stubborn seeds to germinate, in fact, I had my first success in over 3 decades at getting Mandrake seeds, with their tertiary dormancy, to germinate."

Helping you get the best from your chilli peppers seeds.
We have recently completed trials germinating a selection of our very hot chilli seeds. We grew a tray with seeds soaked in our germination solution and a tray without and found a 50% increase in germination success rate.
Some hot chilli seeds can be tricky to germinate and do benefit from the germination solution and a germination temperature of between 80°F and 89°F. The pepper flowers also benefit from hand pollination with a paint brush. Our germination solution is available to help you get the best from germinating your hot seeds.

Germination Powder £1.50


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