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Hot as hell grinders - Flamin' Peppercorns

Heat Rating 8

Code: SPI001


Hot As Hell Grinders, Flamin' Peppercorns

Spice up your next meal with our lightweight and portable grinders, this grinder goes anywhere-in the glove box, pocket, purse or your desk drawer at work. A handy gadget to have around for freshly ground hot salt and pepper on the go!  Ever been out for a meal and felt let down by the lack of heat?

HELP is at hand! a grinder for adding that needed heat and a little touch of elegance to your al fresco dining experience.

Flamin' Peppercorns Serious stuff this, once tasted never forgotten in one.

Flamin' Peppercorns: The peppercorns are double roasted peppercorns infused with Carolina Reaper Chilli.  Because the peppercorns are double roasted the full flavour of the peppercorns hits you before your taste buds are assaulted by the Carolina Reaper Chilli. This is great to have on the table or to use in cooking for instant heat.


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