10 Carolina Reaper Dried Chilli Pods


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Dried Carolina Reaper Chilli Pods

Carolina Reaper is now the Guinness World Record Holder as the Worlds Hottest Chilli Pepper averaging 1.569 Million Scoville Units, and peaking at an incredible 2.2 Million Scovilles. A lot of time, effort and expense went into the development of the Carolina Reaper. Ed dedicated 4 years of testing at the Winthrop University in SC to validate the scorching heat level of this amazing pepper. The Guinness World Record team had insisted Ed put his chilli through rigorous, expensive lab tests the total cost to Ed has been over $19,000. The Carolina Reaper will now go down in History as the Worlds Hottest Chilli thanks to Ed and his team. The Carolina Reaper® looks good, tastes good and the heat will knock you over. It has a fruity sweet aroma and the taste is of chocolate and cherry. (Capsicum chinense)

WARNING: Be careful handling chilli Pods as they can cause a painful burning sensation: Avoid contact with the eyes or any sensitive skin before washing your hands thoroughly.


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