7 Pot Katie Chilli Seeds


Heat rating: Ultra Insane Heat 10/10

Naga Nick takes Naga Viper cross to new heights. The Chilli Pepper Company’s Naga Viper has been crossed with a 7 Pot Jonah to produce two varieties of chilli which are named ‘Katie’ and ‘Lucy’ after the developer’s daughters.

The 7 Pod Katie has now been officially recorded at a staggering 1,590,000 Scoville-units. The ‘Katie’ Chilli beat the Naga Viper British record of 1,382,118 SHU’s by 200,000 Scovilles.  The 7 Pod Katie Chilli Pepper is a Chinense type and was bred in Yatton, North Somerset by Nick Duran, also known as Naga Nick. 7 Pod Katie is a Hybrid cross between our Guinness Record chilli Naga Viper and the Red 7 Pod Jonah. The 7 Pod Katie was later grown in Wiltshire.  You can buy the Katie seeds now and the Lucy seeds in a few months time. (Capsicum chinese)


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