7 Pot Primo Chilli Seeds


Primo 7 Pot Chilli comes from a man with the nickname of Primo. >>More Info

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7 Pot Primo

Primo 7 Pot Chilli Seeds

After many years of playing music in the hard rocking and hard partying southern-psychedelic band “Santeria,” Primo met a great girl, hung his boots on the wall, and decided to focus on something a little bit more conducive to a family lifestyle… He pondered, “What’s got the reckless abandonment, mystery, and danger of rock n roll, but doesn’t involve spending late nights in a smoky bar?” To Primo, hot peppers were the assemblage of this and so much more…

In 2005, while working at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Horticulture Department, Primo developed the “7 Pot Primo”, arguably (and controversially) the hottest pepper in the world! At an average face-melting 1.5 million Scoville heat units, one 7 Pot Primo pepper is 300 times hotter than a Jalapeño! Over the years, Primo’s pepper creations have gained worldwide notoriety and an international cult following. These official “7 Pot Primo” seeds come from Primo’s original plants that have been cultivated for over 12 filial years (F12). (Capsicum chinese)


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