A Little Hottie


Heat rating: Ultra Insane Heat 10/10

Well if you know a hothead, even yourself 🙂 this is sure to set your life alight.

20 Minute Burn Chilli Sauce

Our 20 Minute Burn Chilli Sauce is ready to set the world on fire!! 10 Minute Burn has been banned on many occasions now there is 20 Minute Burn, weighting in at well over 1.3 Million Scoville Heat Units this is set to be the Daddy of them all.

Matched with Kiss The Devil this is a gift not to miss. They come in a lovely gold based box with a deep fire alarm red lid, before you open you know its a hottie.

Kiss The Devil

Kiss The Devil, has been taking the UK chilli Shows by storm, Its been said by many chilli heads to be the best product released for years! We first produced Kiss The Devil 7 years ago to help chilli heads get a decent chilli fix anywhere.


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