AOC Piment d’ Espelette Basque Chilli Peppers


Piment d’ Espelette Basque Hot Chilli Peppers

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Are you buying the genuine Piment d' Espelette Basque Hot Chilli Peppers?
Only Espelette Products Stamped With This Logo Are The Genuine Piment d 'Espelette AOC Powders, Seeds and Pods Our Basque d' espelette (Capsicum annuum) seeds are from what is considered the best pimento growing district in the Espelette Basque AOC area. The Genuine Espelette pepper is grown only in 10 areas: Ainhoa, Cambo-les-Bains, Espelette, Halsou, Jatxou, itxassou, Larressore, Pée Saint-sur-Nivelle, and Souraïde Ustaritz. Our Espelette Basque Chilli Pepper seeds are from the most prized growing area in the Piment D' Espelette Basque AOC. Originally from South America, it seems that the pepper was imported in 1650 by a Basque navigator who accompanied Christopher Columbus. After years of studies and tests 2000 saw the recognition of the AOC Piment d' Espelette. The appellation was enhanced in 2002 by obtaining the European PDO, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) This means that the seeds are protected and can only be grown in the areas mentioned above and is against the law to grow to sell seeds and name them as Espelette Basque Chilli Pepper Products/Seeds. Basque chilli pepper production is managed by the Department of Fraud which guarantees the origin of the Espelette Basque Chilli Pepper pods, powder and seeds. The Basque chilli pepper is more aromatic and sweet than hot. Espelette chilli peppers are tied with string the strings of peppers are hung in the kitchens to dry. Once dried they are ground to a powder which is very much prized around the world in the home and in many restaurant kitchens. In the kitchen, this spice substitute is for providing pepper spice and perfume to all your meals. The chilli is used in Basque Cuisine to give taste to the simplest dishes such as omelettes, fried eggs, grilled sardines or salads… Sprinkled on grilled goat or sheep cheese, the Basque chilli breathes out its blend of flavours. We always add a pinch of Espelette chilli powder in Basque recipes such as “piperade”, “axoa” or “marmitako”. Basque chilli can have a fruity tomato flavour or a dry hay scent, but what makes it special is the aromatic aspect of it, rather than its intensity. Depending on the Summer the Espelette chilli pepper plant grows between 60cm and 1.5m high producing between 15 to 30 fruit per plant.


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