Calabrian Chilli Seeds


Calabrian Chilli, Satan’s Kiss, a great all round chilli. Great for arrabiata pasta >> More Info

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Calabrian Chilli Seeds, AKA Satan’s Kiss

Hot Calabrian chilli peppers are traditionally stuffed with chunks of tuna and kept in jars of olive oil. These small, but spicy peppers are good for stuffing. The cooking will mellow the heat, and the flavour of the pepper is good for stuffing with meats, anchovies and capers, or cheeses. Calabrian chile peppers can also be pickled in a vinegar brine. Remove the stem and top, scooping the seeds out with a spoon. Slice Calabrian chilli peppers and sauté for topping burgers or steaks. Chop Calabrian chilli peppers and toss with spinach or broccoli and garlic for a quick sauté. Calabrian chilli peppers are also a primary ingredient in “arrabiata pasta.” Store fresh Calabrian chilli peppers in the refrigerator for up to a week.


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