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Borg9 Red 10 seeds, Borg9 Brown 5 Seeds, Bubblegum 7 Pot 10 Seeds and Leroy Brown 10 Seeds as a Collection

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Best damn tasting superhot chillies this side of the Milky Way!

Leroy Brown Chilli Seeds

Leroy brown ”Mean as a junkyard dog’. If you’re looking for a very hot,very productive brown chilli with great flavour then this is for you! Lime green pods ripen to dark brown and have a ‘honeyed figs and oak casked golden rum’ flavour, scrumptious. Especially well suited to cooking where the fruity flavour of the red supers doesn’t suit. Plants have somewhat ‘spear’ shaped leaves and fruit prolifically right until the end of the season. Capsicum chinense

Borg9 Chocolate Chilli

A brown variant of F8 Borg9 red. It has the same large leaves,flower and pod characteristics as the red but with somewhat longer ”stinger’ tails. Flavour is very good for a brown superhot – banana cooked in toffee caramel-to me,anyway! This seed is from 1 plant and is available as 5 seeds so more growers can add it to their chilli pepper arsenal. This variety has been improved season after season and is direct from the breeder so you can be sure of the correct, up to date variety. Capsicum chinense

Borg9 Chilli Seeds

An extremely hot hybrid chilli with a ‘tropical fruit’ flavour,the result of a 2011 cross of naglah X bubblegum7. Plants have large leaves and good sized pods,many with ‘stinger’ tails. Very oily and aromatic when opened. The flowers are quite distinct – ‘heavy’ in appearance in comparison with other superhots (BG7 traits). This seed comes from 3 selected F8 plants – with a separate bag labelled ‘Borg9 #1 containing 4 seeds.This is from the plant judged to be best of the 3 although one of the other plants had great stingers – i’ll be growing that out for sure.

Bubblegum 7 Pot

Bubblegum7 First appearing unexpectedly in 2011 the Bubblegum7 has the characteristic large flower bud leading to large calyx and stem which turns red on ripening. I’ve selected for calyxes that begin to show colour before the pod itself. The BG7 is a very hot,aromatic chilli with a fruity ‘bubblegum’ flavour which has a hint of acidity,adding balance. A very good chilli for cooking. Capsicum chinense


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