Bhut Jolokia Chilli Powder


One of the hottest chillies in the World

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16g “Bottle of Death” Deadly Hot Bhut Jolokia Powder
Finely ground powder from dried pods of Jolokia, processed from freshly picked pods. As well as being the hottest in the world it is one of the most fragrant and aromatic chillies we have tried. As usual with Bhut Jolokia it is in short supply as only a few farms are growing it, I am sure this will change in the near future but, for now get yours will stocks last.
The Bhut Jolokia Powder is great for cooking or added to fish and chips, tomato sandwiches or in a packet of crisps. Bhut Jolokia, The Hottest Chilli In The World is also know in some parts as Naga Jolokia.  
It takes nearly 1LB of fresh Bhut Jolokia to make 50g of our dried Bhut Jolokia powder and flakes.
Ingredients: Dried Bhut Jolokia Chilli


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