Flamin’ Nora Chilli Sauce


Hot Chilli Sauce, Flamin’ Nora, sweet heat with a ton of flavour

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Hot Sauce

Flamin’ Nora, sweet heat with a ton of flavour, this is our newest sauce, it’s been on the table for 2 weeks and used on every meal. It never fails to amaze me with the food it goes with.

It’s a medium hot, sweet Naga sauce. Great as a dipping sauce for chicken, prawns and using on a pickle tray with poppadums. This is a sweet sauce with a hefty amount of Asian spice. Use this to add depth and a little heat to curries or as a condiment. A perfect all-round sauce, it can be used with a cooked breakfast, scrambled eggs, beans on toast, fish and chips, the list goes on and on……


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