Hot Chilli Sauce : FBI’s Ball Breaker


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Heat rating: Insane Heat 9/10

Ted Barrus known as TED THE FIRE BREATHING IDIOT, is an internationally famous American Chilli Reviewer. He eats and reviews the hottest things on planet earth!

This sauce has been chiselled from one of the HOTTEST and TASTIEST chillies in the world, with the Chilli Connoisseur in mind. This sauce won’t kill you but you’ll feel like your tongue has been hit with a hammer!  Trinidad Scorpion Yellow 7 Pot’s have been mixed with a generous amount of garlic and strawberries to produce a fantastically hot and savoury sauce.

We are looking for comments on the sauce in the hope of tweaking the flavour and heat with the aim of making this a world class best seller


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